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Пощадь домов варьирует от 110-200 кв. м,планировка решена в двух или трех уровнях с покрытыми основными помещениями,тщательно подобранными деталями и прямым доступом к открытым пространствам. Планировка преследует цель использоватьоткрывающийся вид на лазурный горизонт,планирована серия открытых и полуоткрытых помещений и дворов для различныхцелей.



  • The structure of the buildings is made of reinforced concrete in accordance with the Greek Concrete Regulations and Anti-seismic Construction Regulations.
  • The parapets, chimneys and certain walls have been built slanted or inclined, according to local tradition..
  • Architecturally certain openings are selected to widen externally, in order to accentuate certain elements of the landscape.
  • The coatings have been applied using a pressed method, with three coats without leads with traditional processing and addition of anti-moisture material.
  • The ceilings of the living rooms are made with unprocessed chestnut wood beams and wooden skinning, painted white.
  • Built-in fireplaces in the living rooms, of a particular architectural design.
  • The exterior paint is special outdoor plastic paint with waterproofing properties.
  • Floors are made of durable materials depending on the use of the area: marble from Naxos, Paros, oak or other African light colored nailed wood flooring, grout of a shade selected by the owner.
  • The bathrooms have a built-in shower and where the space permits, a built-in vanity with a porcelain sink of excellent quality. The wall coverings up to a height of 1.80 m are made with pressed plaster. The fixtures are white of a European origin, the faucets are single and each bathroom is fully equipped.
  • The kitchens have sufficient cupboard space made of semi-solid wood of an excellent quality, countertop, sink and excellent quality faucets.
  • The interior doors are pressed and painted with wood casing. The door of the main entrance of each home is a security door with exterior and interior covering of marine plywood.
  • The exterior window frames are made of German-type tri-glued Meranti wood of an excellent quality, with double glass and the shutters are made of marine hardboard with screens. The frames have a mechanism which permits them to be slanted.
  • The closets in the bedrooms are built, two-ply with a melamine interior and board exterior.
  • Each home has drainage to an ecological cleaning system with underground disposal of processed waters.
  • An independent water tank with a capacity up to 30 cubic meters. The tank is made so that the water collected from the terrace can be distributed to the main line of the home with anti-reversal valves.
  • An 80 liter water heater.
  • Grid for installing autonomous heating. Reinforced power lines have also been installed.
  • Basic grounding and a line (cabling) has been installed for alarm, satellite television and A/C sockets in each main room, built-in pipes with the respective cabling for telephone connection through a switch, providing two telephone lines for each home.
  • Exterior storage and engine-room.
  • A pergola of chestnut wood in front as forecast by the architectural design, a parking area and main entrance area, with appropriate ground covering of Parian stone or Parian uneven marble or cement.
  • Perimeter fencing of the lot with stone wall with provision for interior lights spaced apart. Yard landscaping configuration with walls, curbs, ramps and flower-beds.