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On a privately owned lot with a neoclassical building on Androu Street, in the area of Kipseli, the company ÅRGOKAT SML is building a residential complex of eighteen (18) apartments.

Androu Street is a quiet tree-lined road. It is a short distance (one block) from the commercial road of Patision and Victoria square. In terms of transit it is served by the Patision Blvd lines but also by the ISAP train station on Victoria square. It is also next to many theatres, cinemas, the Areos park and the Pan-Hellenic sports facilities.

The building will be comprised of one section of the existing neoclassical building, whose three sides are preserved and by one section that is being built as an extension and one floor.

The existing section and the new building are statically joined with the construction of a new framework of reinforced concrete, while architecturally the façade of the neoclassical building is preserved, which combined with the façade of the new building creates a harmonious co-existence of the old building with the new.

The apartments under construction vary in size and start from 55 sq.m. up to 120 sq.m. The qualitative elements of the materials used are of excellent quality and express a specific minimalist perception.

Completion and delivery of the project is forecast for the end of 2008.